How to Report Animal Neglect or Abuse


Gather Evidence

Take a LOT pictures of the animals of the animals living conditions, the area around the animals space and the location for example a wide shot of the property including the address of the property.  Your pictures will be evidence in court and can be used to encourage officials to do something to save the animal(s) for further suffering.

Screen shot any conversations or social media posts concerning the crime.  

Keep a diary of things you noticed.

For example:

6/21/18 Owners left for vacation. Dogs left in kennel. No food or water. 82 Degrees. No shade.

6/22/18 No food or water, 86 degrees and no shade.

6/23/18 I gave the dogs food and water

and added a tarp to the top of the kennel for shade.

6/24/18 I gave the dogs food and water and called animal control. Animal Control came and left a note on the door.

6/25/18 I gave the dogs food and water and noticed a open wound from scratching on black dogs left front shoulder.  I called animal control.  

Animal control left another note on the door.

6/26/18 Owners came home and took the tarp down.  I called animal control.  Animal control came and talked to the owners.

6/27/18 Dogs had no food or water. my water bucket was turned over and the food bowl was empty. Wound still not treated. 91 degrees and no shade.  I called animal control.  They did not come out.

Take pictures and keep them organized with your diary entries.

Know the Law

Many times when calling in a complaint to Animal Control the Officer may not know what they can do especially if they were hired to just pick up stray dogs.  Quoting the law and having a reference ready that they can use to press charges may help speed up the process in saving that animals life.

Kentuckys animal welfare laws are a little confusing and need to be cleaned up in order to be the most effective in our communities. 

Call Animal Control

Make sure you have proof of your claim and you have an address.  You can report it anonymously, but you will need viable information to give them so they can best help the animal.

Make sure it is an animal welfare call.  An example of a call that would NOT be an animal control call is if you have a raccoon in your house or if your sister won't give you your dog back.  

Most Animal Control Agencies have bankers hours.  If you find a stray after hours you may want to hold the animal in a safe place till morning. If it is an emergency you may be able to contact your police or sheriffs office to assist in the situation.  

Call County/City Officials

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel the animal is not getting the protection it lawfully deserves form your animal control officer or if you have a complaint against the your animal control officer you would need to contact the following people:

In the City:

Chief of Police

City Commissioners


In the County:



Judge Executive

County Attorney

With the exception of Chief of Police, these are all elected officials.  If these individuals are unwilling to protect the animals in your community, you may want to remind the voters in your community of that when election time rolls around.

Call State Police

The state police are a great option when you are not getting local support. Make sure you have taken all the steps necessary to get local support and make sure you have proof of your claims.  Keep that diary of events and make sure you are taking a lot of pictures.  Remember our justice system requires us to provide proof of our claims.

Call Your Districts Representatives

When all else fails and no one will help you resolve the issue you can contact your State Representative and your State Senator.  While they do NOT have the authority to help the animal, they need to know WHAT is happening in their district so that hey can do something to change the laws so that when an animal is being abused or neglected it is EASIER to get them help. 

They do have political influence so they may choose to apply pressure to local officials to help get something done.

If they are NOT interested in helping you, remember that when election time rolls around.

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